Support and Compassionate Guidance

The divorce process is a very personal and often stressful time. With significant life-changing decisions to be made, it is critical to have an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer who can protect your interests while showing you the compassion and personal attention you need.

We can help you navigate divorce matters involving:

  • Alimony

  • Property distribution

  • Division of Retirement accounts

  • Dissipation of assets

  • Child support

  • Child custody and parenting time

  • Uncontested divorce


In guiding our clients through this extremely difficult time, we strive to alleviate the stress that comes with a divorce. Our clients can trust that we will handle the complex legal issues involved so that they can focus on their personal responsibilities.  


Jessica Arndt and Alison Sutak practice exclusively in the area of family law and have been negotiating excellent divorce settlements for clients for more than a decade. We understand the importance of paying attention to detail so that we can ensure a bright future for our clients as they begin the next chapter of their lives.

A divorce in New Jersey is a complex process. We are familiar with the procedures and operations of each courthouse, and are actively involved in the local legal community. We have built professional relationships that can help you navigate the divorce process smoothly toward a successful resolution. Whether you and your spouse can reach an agreement or you are headed to court, our divorce attorneys keep the legal proceedings moving forward, saving you time and money.

During this stressful time, you will deal with many unpleasant feelings. You may also have feelings of failure due to the demise of your relationship. You may be hurt by the words and actions of your spouse, and further devastated by infidelity. You may be searching for legal guidance but still confused about how New Jersey divorce laws apply to your specific case. You may also be concerned about what will happen to you in the coming months and years. No matter how simple or complex your case is, our New Jersey divorce attorneys can handle the legal maneuvering for you, protecting your rights and securing your future.

Our team has helped clients just like you weather the storm of divorce and prepare to rebuild their lives. We represent you by developing a personalized legal strategy to fit your life, providing the legal support you need to move through the divorce process as quickly as possible.

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