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A Law Firm with a Human touch

We are a women owned law firm focusing in family law and legal issues surrounding you and your family. We strive to be a source of comfort and guidance during the most emotional time in our client's lives. Arndt & Sutak, LLC, is a cohesive legal team that passionately assists families in sensitive matters. Our team consists of three lawyers, one paralegal and one legal assistant most of whom have all worked together for years.

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Our Story

The founders of Arndt & Sutak, LLC, Jessica and Alison, met during their freshman year in college where they were both assigned to live in the scholarship dorms.  Little did they know at that time, they would become inseparable best friends who had their sights set on working together to serve the families of our state.


Soon after, the dream of Arndt & Sutak, LLC was born.  While each of their careers took them on different paths for a time, soon the opportunity to finally work together presented itself at an established Middlesex County Family Law firm.  Unfortunately, following the closure and then tragic demise of their former employer, Jessica and Alison decided that they would finally take the leap to turn that dream into a reality.  This is when Arndt & Sutak, LLC was born. 


Arndt & Sutak, LLC strives to bring a goal oriented approach to issues facing the families of our state. We understand that divorce and family law matters are very emotionally challenging. Clients of Arndt & Sutak, LLC, are given the highest level of attentiveness while we work together to coordinate a strategy to resolve your concerns. We recognize that family law matters involve your children, your livelihoods and your lifestyles, and that no two families look the same so no two cases can be approached exactly the same.

During your first consultation, our legal team will get to work identifying your goals and ultimate objectives based on the issues you are facing including children, property, assets, and even debts, in order to ensure that we can advise and protect what matters to you most during this challenging time.

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